Information Technology Concepts 1.5: Basic Functions of Windows 10 Quiz

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What are three features of Windows 10 that the user can customize to enhance their experience?

Cortana voice assistant, Edge browser, Multiple desktops

What are the ways in which the Windows 10 Taskbar can be personalized?

Change the color and size, Move it around your screen, Pin your favorite apps to it, Resize the taskbar buttons

How does the Windows 10 'Start Menu' differ from its predecessors?

It is a hybrid of the Windows 7 start menu and the Windows 8 start screen.

What are the functions of the Windows 10 Notification Area and Action Center?

The Windows 10 system tray is more customizable, and the Action Center provides a central place for notifications and quick actions.

How is Windows 10 described in terms of its complexity and flexibility?

It is described as the most powerful and complex operating system from Microsoft, with an extremely flexible user interface.

What is the purpose of File Explorer in Windows 10?

To browse folders and files, and provide a graphical interface for navigation.

Define a file and a folder in the context of computer storage.

File - a set of related data or information stored in secondary storage. Folder - used to contain many other folders and files.

What is the mission of Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant?

To help users get things done.

List 3 tasks that Cortana can do for users.

Give reminders, track teams/interests/flights, send emails/texts.

Name 3 components of Windows 10 mentioned in the summary.

Windows 10 Desktop, Windows 10 Taskbar, Start Menu

Test your knowledge of the basic functions of Windows 10 with this quiz. Explore features such as Cortana voice assistant, Edge browser, and multiple desktops, and understand the flexibility and complexity of the Windows 10 operating system.

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