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What software is mentioned for burning ISO to DVD?


What type of USB is recommended for creating a bootable drive?


Which email address is mentioned in the text?

What version of Windows is the text referring to?

Windows 10

Which program is mentioned for creating a bootable USB drive?


Study Notes

Author and Contact Information

Windows 10

  • Windows 10 is the topic of discussion
  • It seems to be related to learning and computer skills

Facebook and Computer Learn Books

  • Facebook is mentioned as a platform
  • Computer Learn Books might be a series of books or resources for learning computer skills

Untranslated Arabic Text

  • The text appears to be a mix of Arabic and English
  • The Arabic text may contain additional context or information, but it has not been translated

Test your knowledge of Windows 10 basics with this quiz. From navigating the interface to using built-in applications, this quiz covers essential aspects of the operating system.

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