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What is the primary purpose of the Quarterly Employment Survey (QES)?

To provide a short-term indicator of employment and earnings

What is the sample size of the Quarterly Employment Survey (QES)?

Approximately 18,000 business locations

What is the reference period of the pay week for the Quarterly Employment Survey (QES) data?

The pay week ending on, or before the 20th of the middle month of the quarter

What is the purpose of the Quarterly Employment Survey (QES) data in the national accounts?

To compile the business services industry component of the quarterly national accounts

What has changed in the Quarterly Employment Survey (QES) as of 2020?

The level of data collection has changed from business locations (GEOs) to kind-of-activity units (KAUs)

Which industry had a highest average weekly earnings in New Zealand in 2023 Q4?

This information is not provided in the given data

What is included in the total earnings?

Ordinary time earnings, overtime pay, and ACC earner premiums

Why can compositional changes affect the Quarterly Employment Survey?

Because of changes in the industries' relative importance

What type of jobs are included in the Quarterly Employment Survey?

Jobs filled by overseas workers resident in New Zealand for less than 12 months, and others

What is the formula to calculate total earnings?

Total earnings equals ordinary time earnings plus overtime pay divided by full-time plus part-time employees

What type of units are used in the new sample design of the Quarterly Employment Survey?

Kind-of-activity units (KAUs)

What is excluded from the Quarterly Employment Survey data?

Earnings from self-employment

What is the frequency of the Quarterly Employment Survey data?


What level of data is provided by the Quarterly Employment Survey?

Industry and national levels

What is the approximate number of business locations selected for the Quarterly Employment Survey?

18, 000

Test your knowledge of different industries and their categories. From financial services to health care, and from education to recreation, classify each sector correctly. Good luck!

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