India's Rising Economic Power and Political Landscape

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What was the impact of Deng Xiaoping's 'southern tour' in China in 1992?

It fueled China's rise as an economic superpower.

What percentage of India's loans do the southern five states account for?


What explains the outperformance of the southern states in India according to the text?

Better government, education, and property rights

In 1993, what percentage of India's GDP did the south contribute?


Where do many of the most exciting business opportunities in India require a flight to according to the text?

The south

What percentage of India's electronics exports are from the south as mentioned in the text?


What is the main concern regarding the north-south split in India?

It could lead to a constitutional crisis and fracture India’s single market.

Which of the following accurately describes Narendra Modi's political base in India?

He relies on the poorer, more populous, rural, Hindi-speaking north for votes.

What potential impact does the author suggest resolving the north-south divide could have on India's identity politics?

It may lead to a reduction in identity-driven conflicts in Indian society.

Which region in India is highlighted as being home to the 'slick new India'?

The wealthy south

In what way do America's politics and economy relate to the legacy of the civil war?

America's current politics and economy still reflect remnants of the civil war.

What factor is mentioned as part of Narendra Modi's agenda that goes beyond economic development?

Emphasizing Hindu-first populism which can verge into chauvinism and authoritarianism

Explore the economic growth of India and the political landscape under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Learn about the country's turbocharged stockmarket and the challenges posed by Hindu-first populism and authoritarianism.

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