Indian Astronomy and Calendar Systems

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Which ancient civilization had astronomers who studied various aspects of astronomical sciences and engaged in global discourse with other cultures?


In which ancient civilization did the day start with local sunrise in their calendar system?


Which ancient civilization is recognized for being persistent and accurate observers of celestial phenomena before the Arabs?


Which civilization mentioned in the text was noted for the only known fully developed written language of the pre-Columbian Americas?


During which period did Mayan cities reach their highest state of development according to the text?

Classic period

Instruments like celestial globes, armillary spheres, and astrolabes were used by which civilization mentioned in the text?


What is a significant contribution of Islamic astronomers?

Invention of Arabic numbers

Which region was not mentioned as having star lore in Africa?

South America

What is not a development mentioned in the text related to the Islamic Golden Age?

Invention of the Chinese abacus

Which civilization pre-dated Stonehenge with standing stones at Nabta?


Explore the early textual mentions of astronomy in India dating back to the 2nd millennium BCE, the development of ancillary branches of learning by the 1st millennium BCE, the contributions of Indian astronomers, and the Hindu calendar used in ancient times.

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