Week 3 Social Media Midterm

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What percentage of marketers believe video has provided good ROI?


What is one way to increase the chances of a video going viral?

Creating a conversation

What is an important aspect of a good video according to the text?

Strong/relevant visuals

What type of videos can be considered as native videos?

Videos uploaded directly to the platform

Which hosting platform is mentioned as necessary for embedded videos?


What is an advantage of pre-recorded videos according to the text?

'On-demand' availability

What is recommended to make sharing easier for videos?

'Making sharing easy'

'Leveraging or creating an emotional connection of the brand and making consumers part of the story' is important for what purpose according to the text?

'Increasing' chances of going viral

'Time from adoption to sharing should be as brief as possible.' What is this statement referring to?

'Shortening' time for sharing

What is the main benefit of having videos on web pages according to the text?

Improve conversion rates up to 80%

Why is video placement near the top of a webpage important?

To keep users' attention and engagement

Which statement about visuals is supported by the text?

More people learn best through visuals than other senses

Why are visuals essential for a blog's success?

To provide link previews on social media

What is a key advantage of turning presentations into videos with narration?

Makes videos more dynamic

How do visuals impact social media engagement?

Increase Facebook engagements by 2.3x

What is the main purpose of having multiple forms of content in a content strategy according to the text?

Keeping users' attention and maximizing engagement

Why is having diverse content important for websites and blogs?

To reach a wider audience and promote content effectively

What can visuals do for videos according to the text?

Transform videos with filters and stickers

How do visuals help in breaking long prose on websites and blogs?

They make content easier to consume

Why is it important to place video near the top of a webpage?

To maximize user engagement

What is the main advantage of turning presentations into videos with narration?

Improved learning and understanding

How do visuals help in breaking long prose on websites and blogs?

By making the content easier to consume and understand

What percentage of information that comes to the brain is visuals?


Test your knowledge on how videos can impact consumer purchasing decisions. Learn about the benefits of incorporating videos in content strategies and how it can improve conversion rates and user engagement.

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