Impact of Family Dynamics on Health

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What percentage of children aged 2–4 years regularly suffer physical punishment and/or psychological violence from parents & caregivers?


According to WHO, how many girls & young women under 20 have suffered some form of forced sexual contact?

120 million

What are some consequences of child maltreatment according to WHO?

Intimacy issues and PTSD

How can verbal abuse negatively affect children according to Tisher & colleagues?

Negatively affect brain development

What is the impact of shaming on children according to the text?

Decreases social connections and causes insecurities

What behavior is associated with blurred safety boundaries and physical-emotional scars for children?

Helicopter parenting

What does Axis III in mental health assessment focus on?

General medical conditions affecting treatment

What is one of the determinants of psychopathology?

Moral development

Which theorist is associated with Psychosexual Stages in personality development?

Sigmund Freud

What characteristic of personality causes individuals to act or respond in certain ways?

Impacts behavior & action

Which component is NOT listed as a component of mental health?

Stress management

What aspect influences personality according to the text?

Biological processes and needs

What impact can secure and supportive family relationships have on an individual's health?

Provide love, advice, and care.

How are unhealthy family dynamics (UFD) linked to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)?

By causing trauma and stress in children as they grow up.

What is child abuse defined as according to the provided text?

A form of domestic violence directed at a child by an adult caregiver.

What health risks are associated with exposure to unhealthy family dynamics (UFD) according to the text?

Increased risk of heart, lung, and liver disease; depression; and anxiety.

According to the WHO, what does child maltreatment include?

All types of physical violence directed at children.

How does child abuse relate to domestic violence?

Child abuse is a form of domestic violence when done by a parent or caregiver abuser.

What is the first type of domestic violence mentioned?

Physical abuse

What does economic abuse involve?

Not allowing the victim to work or have financial independence

Which of the following is a sign of psychological abuse?

Loss of motivation and depression

What does social abuse involve?

Isolating the victim from family, friends, and community

What is an example of psychological abuse through intimidation?

Putting the victim down and making them feel bad

What is a sign that domestic violence may be occurring according to the text?

The victim has unexplained physical injuries

Which of the following is considered a life instinct by Freud?


What is the term used by Freud to describe sexual energy or instinct?


Which psychosexual stage is associated with obsessive neatness or reckless behavior?

Anal stage

What is the term used to describe a boy's unconscious desire for his mother in the phallic stage?

Oedipus complex

Which psychosexual stage is characterized by dormant sexual feelings?

Latency stage

According to Freud, unresolved conflicts during the phallic stage may lead to which of the following?

Homosexuality or pedophilia

Explore how family dynamics and the quality of family relationships can influence an individual's health either positively or negatively. Learn about the effects of secure and supportive family relationships versus stressful family relationships on overall well-being. Understand the link between unhealthy family dynamics, adverse childhood experiences, and the impact on an individual's health.

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