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What are the two main branches of Adaptive Immunity?

Cell-mediated immunity and Antibody-mediated immunity

How does the immune system neutralize extracellular bacteria?

Activation of complement

What response is triggered against intracellular bacteria by the immune system?

T CD4 helper type 1

How do viruses evade host immune responses?

Inhibition of MHC Class I presentation

Which cells are involved in the immune response against helminths?

T CD4 type 2 and eosinophils

What is the main mechanism used by parasites to evade host immune responses?

Anatomic sequestration

Which cells are responsible for killing intracellular bacteria in the phagolysosome?

T CD4 helper type 1 cells

What is the primary mechanism of action against fungi in the immune response?


What is the main antibody involved in primary B cell immune responses?

Ig M

Which mechanism is used against protozoa in the immune response?

T CD4 helper type 1 cells and T CD8 CTL cells

Test your knowledge on the barriers of innate immunity, adaptive immunity, antigen recognition, and immune suppression. Learn about physical, chemical, and biological defenses, as well as the roles of T cells, B cells, immunoglobulins, and memory in the immune response.

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