Igneous Rocks and Petrology

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What type of igneous rocks are formed when magma cools rapidly, resulting in a glassy texture?

Extrusive igneous rocks

What is the primary factor that determines the grain size of crystals in an igneous rock?

Rate at which molten rock cools

What is the name of the model that explains the formation of different minerals in igneous rocks?

Bowen's reaction series

What type of rocks are characterized by coarse grains and relatively even individual crystals?

Phaneritic rocks

What is the term for the study of the compositions, structures, and origins of rocks?


What type of igneous rock is characterized by a high feldspar and silica content?

Granitic rocks

Test your knowledge of igneous rocks, petrology, and geological processes. Learn about the characteristics of intrusive and extrusive rocks, magma, and the formation of different rock textures.

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