Petrology and Classification of Rocks

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What is petrology concerned with?

The compositions, structures, and origins of rocks

Which type of rock is formed through the cooling and solidification of lava or magma?

Igneous rocks

What process forms sedimentary rocks like sandstone and limestone?

Compaction and cementation

What type of rock is formed from other rocks that are changed by intense heat and pressure underground?

Metamorphic rock

Where is sandstone found?

River and stream beds, beaches, deserts, and underwater

What is the main source of the material lime?


What is the main constituent of oolitic limestone?

Calcium carbonate

What distinguishes shale from other mudstones?

It is fissile and laminated

Where is conglomerate commonly found?

Beaches, riverbeds, and glaciers

Which rock is composed almost entirely of quartz?


What type of limestone forms as a result of precipitation evaporation?


What is the characteristic appearance of breccia?

Large angular fragments cemented together

What type of rock is gneiss?

Metamorphic rock

What distinguishes coquina from other types of limestone?

It is poorly cemented limestone

What type of sedimentary rock is shale?

Clastic sedimentary rock

What event could lead to the formation of breccia?

Landslides and mudslides at the base of mountains

Learn about petrology, the branch of geology concerned with the compositions, structures, and origins of rocks, and the classification of rocks including igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary types. This quiz covers the formation processes of igneous and sedimentary rocks.

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