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What is the purpose of the EASA Supplement?

To form part of the applicant’s obligations for EASA Part-145 approval

What is the significance of the Revision Number 3?

Update Accountable Manager, Address Change

What is the contact information for the Quality Assurance Manager?


What is the reason for the Revision Number 10?

May 01, 2023

What is the purpose of the Amendment Procedure?

To maintain the manual current at all times

What document must be issued as a maintenance release by the repair station at the completion of maintenance?

FAA Form 8130-3

Where should the EASA Part-145 Approval Certificate number be specified in the FAA Form 8130-3?

Block 12

Which block of the FAA Form 8130-3 should include the signature of the person returning the component for release or return to service?

Block 14b

What must be included in block 12 of the FAA Form 8130-3?

EASA Part-145 release to service certifying statement

In the case of maintenance carried out by a U.S.-based EASA Part-145 approved organization, what type of release does EASA recognize for component, engine, or propeller maintenance?

Dual release FAA Form 8130-3

Who is responsible for coordinating revisions with the local FSDO and updating the list of effective pages with revision dates?

Quality Assurance Manager (QAM)

What could invalidate the EASA Approval?

Failure to keep the FAA TITLE 14 CFR PART 145 RSM / QCM and EASA Supplement up to date

What is the responsibility of the Accountable Manager regarding EASA regulations?

Sign a commitment statement to ensure compliance with EASA regulations

What is EASA Part-145 approval based on?

Compliance with 14 CFR parts 145 and 43

What does the EASA Supplement take into account?

Differences between EASA and FAA regulations

Who is responsible for approving design engineering data for major and minor changes to the type design?


Where can the procedures for completing a Work Order be found?


Who holds a copy of all Airworthiness Directives required by the customer?

The repair station

What happens if the customer does not approve an applicable Airworthiness Directive (AD)?

The item is deemed unserviceable

Who verifies the completion of service during final inspection?

Quality Assurance Manager

Study Notes

Icon Aerospace, LLC Compliance and Procedures Summary

  • Icon Aerospace, LLC allows undenied access to its facilities and records to EASA and the FAA for compliance investigations.
  • The company receives clearly stated work orders from customers, reviewed by the Quality Assurance Manager before assigning work.
  • Work orders specify inspections, repairs, alterations, and parts replacement, and are filed with Icon Aerospace LLC work orders.
  • Procedures for completing a Work Order are found in ICON RSM FORMS MANUAL SECTION 3.1.17-I PAGE 47.
  • The completion of service is verified during final inspection to ensure compliance with customer requests.
  • Major and minor changes to the type design require EASA-approved design engineering data, with the customer responsible for data approval confirmation.
  • FAA approves design data for major repairs, and minor repairs are made in accordance with "acceptable" data.
  • EASA accepts data used in support of major and minor repairs in accordance with Annex 1 to the agreement and the associated TIP.
  • The repair station holds a copy of all Airworthiness Directives required by the customer, including non-FAA Airworthiness Directives from EASA customers.
  • The repair station checks and files new or previous EASA/FAA Airworthiness Directives (AD Notes) issued against components it maintains.
  • Any applicable AD’s required to be performed on an item are advised to the customer in writing, and a teardown report lists any applicable AD’s performed on the item.
  • If the customer does not approve an applicable AD or it cannot be complied with, the item will be deemed unserviceable, and a teardown report will be provided to the customer.

Test your knowledge of Icon Aerospace, LLC compliance and procedures with this quiz. Explore key aspects such as work order handling, compliance verification, design engineering data requirements, Airworthiness Directives, and customer communication.

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