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Which hydraulic system pressure is used by the normal brake system?

Hydraulic system B pressure

What provides pressure to operate the brakes for the parking brake system?

Hydraulic accumulator pressure

What stops wheel rotation before the landing gear retracts?

Alternate brake system

What connects the pedals to the brake metering valve assemblies?


What controls different pressure sources to supply pressure to the brake functions?

Alternate brake selector valve

What does the brake accumulator supply pressure to if hydraulic systems A and B do not supply pressure?

Normal brake system

What does the brake pressure transducer monitor?

Metered brake pressure of the normal and alternate brake systems

What do the brake shuttle valves select and send to the brakes?

Highest of normal or autobrake or alternate or gear retract pressures

What do the main landing gear wheel brakes use hydraulic pressure for?

Decrease speed or stop the airplane during landing and taxi

What controls the normal, alternate, and parking brake pressure to the brakes?

Captain and first officer brake pedals

Test your knowledge of the hydraulic brake system used to control pressure to the main landing gear brakes, including the selection of hydraulic pressure sources and their functions such as normal, alternate, and parking brakes.

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