Human Resource Management Introduction

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What is the primary focus of human resource management?

Development and management of human elements in an enterprise

What is an essential aspect of human resource management?

Humane approach to managing people

What is included in the definition of human resource?

Total knowledge, abilities, skills, talents, and aptitudes of an organization's workforce

Why is human resource management crucial in today's business environment?

No business or organization can exist and grow without appropriate human resources

What is the outcome of viewing organization's manpower as its resources and assets?

A new outlook in human resource management

What is the primary focus of the human resource management approach?

Both achieving organizational goals and the self-satisfaction of employees

What is the main objective of human resource management, according to Flippo's definition?

Both individual and organizational objectives

What is the primary purpose of personnel functions in an organization?

To assist in the achievement of basic organizational, divisional, and societal goals

Which of the following is a feature of human resource management?

Only focuses on action and solving employee problems

What is the ultimate goal of human resource management, according to the Institute of Personnel Management (U.K.)?

To enable employees to make their best contribution to the organization's success and to provide relationship within the enterprise that are conducive to effective work and human satisfaction

Explore the concept of human resources in an organization, including its importance, values, and ethics. Learn how human resource management views manpower as a vital asset in achieving organizational goals. Understand the significance of human resources in shaping an organization's success.

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