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What is the term used when both S3 and S4 heart sounds are heard?


How is a murmur graded?

On a scale from 1-6

What is the formula for calculating cardiac output?

CO = SV x HR

What does the ejection fraction represent?

The ratio of stroke volume to end diastolic volume

What is the term for the difference between maximum cardiac output and resting cardiac output?

Cardiac reserve

How do sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems affect heart rate?

Sympathetic increases heart rate, while parasympathetic decreases heart rate

What is the function of the atrioventricular valves in the heart?

Prevent backflow from ventricles back into atria

Which chamber of the heart receives blood continuously from the pulmonary circuit?

Left Atrium

In what phase of the cardiac cycle do the atrioventricular valves open prior to atria contraction?

Isovolumic ventricular relaxation phase

Which element is responsible for causing the action potential (electrical current) in cardiac muscle?

Na, Ca, and K

Where is the SA node located in the heart?

Superior and posterior aspect of right atrium

What is the main function of conducting cells in the heart?

Allow the action potential to move through the heart in the proper order

Which structure is responsible for hiding atrial repolarization in an electrocardiogram (EKG)?

QRS complex

During which phase of the cardiac cycle does atrial systole occur?

Atrial systole lasts about 100 ms

What is the name for the amount of blood that left the heart during a contraction?

Stroke volume

What causes the 'Lub' sound in a heart auscultation?

Closing of atrioventricular valves

Where is the heart located in the body?

Between the lungs in the thoracic cavity

Which chamber of the heart expels blood to the body?

Right ventricle

What is the function of the pulmonary circuit?

To allow blood to get oxygen in the lungs

Which layer surrounds the heart and is also considered the outermost layer of the heart?


In which part of the heart are three septa found?

Between the atria and ventricles

Which vessels always carry blood back to the heart?


Test your knowledge on the function and anatomy of the human heart. Learn about how the heart pumps blood through the body, its location in the thoracic cavity, and the differences in heart size among individuals.

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