Human Heart Function and Anatomy

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Where is the heart located in the body?

Between the lungs in the mediastinum

What separates the heart from other structures?


Which part of the heart is superior and medial to the apex?


What type of athletes may have noticeably larger hearts?

Aerobic athletes

Which vessels always carry blood away from the heart?


Which layer surrounds the heart and is also the innermost layer of pericardium?


What is the formula for cardiac output?

CO = SV * HR

Which factor can amplify heart murmurs?

Deep breathing

What is the normal stroke volume for a 150 lbs. individual?

$70$ ml

What is the target heart rate for aerobic exercise?

120 - 160 BPM

How do epinephrine and norepinephrine contribute to heart function?

Increase contractility

What is the primary role of the medulla oblongata in heart rate regulation?

Control HR through the vagus nerve

Which valves are responsible for preventing backflow from arteries back into ventricles?

Semilunar valves

Where is the SA node located in the heart?

In the right atrium

What causes the action potential (electrical current) in cardiac muscle?

Na, Ca, and K

Which component of the heart is responsible for holding muscle cells together?

Intercalated disc

During which phase does the ventricles contract and blood tries to go back into the atria?

Isovolumic ventricular relaxation

What is the function of papillary muscles in the ventricles?

To pull the chordae tendineae

What occurs during the T wave on an EKG?

Ventricular repolarization

What is the purpose of an electrocardiogram (EKG) in diagnosing cardiac problems?

To diagnose electrical activity of the heart

What do you hear during auscultation of the heart's sounds with a stethoscope?

All heart sounds including S1, S2, and S3

This quiz covers the function and anatomy of the human heart, including how it pumps blood through the body, its location in the thoracic cavity, and the structure of the pericardium. It also mentions the average amount of fluid pumped per minute and variations in heart size among individuals.

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