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According to the text, what is human development?

A process that begins at birth and ends in late old age.

Which pattern of development proceeds from the center of the body outward?

Proximodistal pattern

What does the life-span perspective believe about developmental change in adulthood?

Developmental change continues even in adulthood.

What has been improving since the 19th century according to the text?

The average age of survival today in the US.

What is described as a product of biological, cognitive, and socioemotional processes?

Human development

According to the text, what may be different among each individual despite similar patterns of development?

The age at which developmental processes happen.

What is believed by the life-span perspective about even in adulthood?

Developmental change takes place as it does during childhood.

What has been increasing according to the text?

The maximum age at which the world's oldest live.

"Little or no change" in adulthood is a belief associated with which approach?

"Extensive change from birth to adolescence"

"Development as a process" is complex because it is a product of which processes?

"Biological, cognitive, and socioemotional processes"

Test your knowledge of human development patterns and processes from conception throughout the lifespan. Explore concepts such as proximodistal and cephalocaudal patterns, as well as the influence of environment and heredity on development.

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