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What tradition was not prevalent in ancient societies according to the text?

Writing historical narrative

In what ways did ancient communities pass on stories of ancestors to the next generation?

By using various means like cave paintings and story-telling

What does the earliest inscription in the Louvre museum depict?

A battle fought between two kingdoms

Which civilization can the tradition of recording historical events be traced back to?

Mesopotamian civilization

What period does the earliest inscription shown above date back to?

4500 B.C.E.

What was the purpose of the traditional means used by ancient communities according to the text?

To pass on stories of life and valour of ancestors

What is anthropocentric based on the text?

It involves human-centered questions

Test your knowledge of the history of science and technology, understand the factors that led to scientific discoveries and technological advancements, and learn about their mutual dependence. Explore topics like agricultural production, commodity production, architecture, and engineering.

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