Hemophilia Clinical Features and Bleeding Manifestations

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What is the most common bleeding manifestation of severe hemophilia?

Recurrent hemarthrosis

At what age does acquired Hemophilia A typically occur?

Predominantly in older adults (median age: 60 years)

What is a common complication of muscle hematomas?

Compartment syndromes

What is the name of the assay used to confirm the diagnosis of acquired Hemophilia A?

Bethesda assay

In what percentage of patients with acquired Hemophilia A is an underlying disease associated?


What is a common symptom of acute hemarthrosis?

Local pain, swelling, and erythema

Which factor is produced in endothelial cells?

Factor VIII

What is the most common disorder of coagulation among the given options?

Hemorrhagic diathesis of liver disease

Which of the following is produced in the bone marrow?

Factor XIII A-subunit

What is affected first in a patient with liver disease?

Factor VII

What is the most common bleeding disorder?

Von Willebrand disease

What are the most common disorders of coagulation?

Hemorrhagic diathesis of liver disease, DIC, and vitamin K deficiency

What is the inheritance pattern of Factor VIII deficiency?

Autosomal recessive

What is the treatment for inherited coagulation disorders?

Factor replacement therapy

Which clotting factor deficiency is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait?

Factor V deficiency

What is the most common bleeding manifestation seen in severe hemophilia?

Joint bleeding

Which of the following is NOT a coagulation factor?

Vitamin K

What is the composition of Cryoprecipitate?

Factor VIII, VWF, Fibrinogen, Factor XIII

This quiz covers the clinical features of hemophilia, including the most common bleeding manifestations, such as recurrent hemarthrosis and hematuria. It also explores the signs and symptoms of acute hemarthrosis.

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