Heart Anatomy and Blood Circulation

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What is the primary function of the pericardium?

To prevent overfilling of the heart with blood

Which valves are located between the atria and the ventricles?

Atrioventricular valves

What is the function of the chordae tendineae?

To anchor the AV valves to the papillary muscles

What is unique about the cardiac muscle?

It is striated, short, fat, branched, and interconnected

What is the pathway of blood through the heart and lungs?

Right atrium -> tricuspid valve -> right ventricle

What is the function of the semilunar valves?

To prevent backflow of blood into the ventricles

This quiz covers the structure and function of the pericardium, the pathway of blood through the heart and lungs, and the valves that regulate blood flow. Test your knowledge of the heart's anatomy and how it pumps blood through the body.

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