Healthcare Law: Patient Rights and Confidentiality

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What is the main purpose of HIPAA?

To protect and confidentially handle personal health information

What is the primary basis for determining ethical behavior in healthcare?

Morals and expectations of society

What is the significance of not leaving blanks in healthcare charting?

It maintains the accuracy of the chart

Why is it important to chart only the facts in healthcare?

To ensure accuracy and prevent misinformation

What is the primary goal of the Health Care Code of Ethics?

To act ethically and legally in all aspects of life

What should be used when writing in healthcare charts?

Only blue or black ink

What is the primary purpose of a Living Will?

To express a patient's wishes about healthcare and treatment when they lose decision-making capacity

What is the primary difference between a DNR and a POST?

A DNR only covers CPR and AED, while a POST covers more treatment preferences

What is an example of malpractice in a healthcare setting?

Neglecting to do something that is common practice in the field

What is the primary purpose of informed consent?

To fully explain a treatment and its risks, benefits, and alternatives to a patient

What is the exception to the confidentiality rule in healthcare?

When there is immediate danger to another person that is foreseen by the doctor

What is the primary purpose of a Power of Attorney?

To appoint someone to manage a patient's property, medical, or financial affairs

What is the primary responsibility of a healthcare worker in terms of confidentiality?

To maintain a patient's privacy and confidentiality

What is the primary difference between a patient's right to quality care and their right to voice grievances?

A patient's right to quality care is related to treatment, while their right to voice grievances is related to complaints

Understand the legal and ethical principles in healthcare, including patient rights, confidentiality, and advanced directives. Learn about the importance of patient autonomy and informed decision-making.

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