Health Problems and Development in Toddlers

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What is the third most common cause of unintentional injury in children aged 5 to 14 years old?


What is the primary concern when assessing the airway of a burn patient?

Inhalation and rapid airway compromise

What is the temperature above which burns can occur?

40°C or 104°F

What type of burn is caused by direct damage to the cells and from the heat generated by friction?

Friction burn

What is the second greatest cause of unintentional injury in 1 to 4 year olds?


What is the term for the assessment of the percentage of body area affected by burns?

Rule of 9s

What is the term for the condition where a parent repeatedly brings a child to a healthcare facility and reports symptoms and illness when the child is well?

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

What is the result of kidney destruction in lead poisoning?

Kidney failure

What is the minimum blood level of lead that is considered unsafe for children?


What is a sign of physical neglect in a child?

Thin and malnourished

What is the primary reason for determining the cause of a burn?

To identify the materials involved in the burn

What should be done immediately to treat minor burns?

Apply cool water to cool the skin

What is the term for the condition resulting from repetitive violent shaking of a small infant?

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Which of the following is a long-term effect of lead poisoning?

Learning difficulties

What is the primary goal of topical therapy in burns?

To prevent infection

What is the recommended treatment for moderate burns?

Apply topical antibiotic and dressing

What is the purpose of escharotomy in burns?

To cut into the eschar

What is the recommended treatment for electrical burns?

Clean with antiseptic solution and monitor for airway obstruction

What is the average number of adult female mites on an infested host?


What percentage of eggs laid result in mature mites?


How are scabies infestations typically diagnosed?

Based on the customary appearance and distribution of the rash and the presence of burrows

What is the typical length of the burrows filled with mite feces?

1 to 2 inches

What is a common complication of scratching the scabies rash?

Skin sores that can become infected by bacteria

How many mites are typically present on an infested person who is otherwise healthy?

Fewer than 10 to 15

What is the primary area of the body affected by scabies in infants and young children?

Head, neck, and soles

What is the purpose of administering scabicides?

To kill scabies mites and eggs

What is the primary difference in scabicide application between adults and older children versus infants and young children?

The area of the body treated

What is the brand name of the permethrin cream approved by the US FDA for the treatment of scabies?


Why is sulfur ointment considered unpleasant to use?

It has a strong odor

What is the purpose of ivermectin in the treatment of scabies?

To treat worm infestations

Test your knowledge of common health problems in toddlers, including radiation and chemical burns, as well as toddler development milestones such as gross motor, fine motor, sensory, and language skills.

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