Health Care Systems

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Who is the division of Assessment Technologies Institute?

ATI Nursing

Which organization holds the intellectual property rights of the content in this publication?

Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC

What is forbidden without the written permission of Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC?

Reproduction of this work

Which statement accurately describes the purpose of the ATI Content Mastery Series Review Modules?

To optimize the learning experience for nursing students

What does the publisher of the book state about the content within?

The content is provided as-is without any warranties

What types of exercises are included in the Review Modules?

NCLEX-style questions and nursing scenarios

How is the content organized in the Review Module?

By client needs categories

Who is responsible for determining the FDA status of a drug?

The health care provider or reader

What is the purpose of this publication?

To educate and inform

Who may require a dose or experience a side effect that is not described in this book?

Some people

What is the publisher's responsibility regarding errors and outcomes related to the use of the contents of this book?

To guarantee and assume responsibility

Which of the following is an example of an unlicensed provider in the healthcare system?

Physical therapists

Which of the following is a setting where healthcare is provided?

Diagnostic centers

Which of the following is a federally-funded healthcare program for clients 65 years of age or older?

Medicare Part A

What is the aim of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010?

All of the above

Which section of the textbook covers the topic of 'Cultural and Spiritual Nursing Care'?

SECTION: Psychosocial Integrity

Which chapter in the textbook covers the topic of 'Rest and Sleep'?

CHAPTER 38 Hygiene

Where can you find the addendums for the Review Modules?

Both A and B

Which unit in the textbook covers the topic of 'Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies'?

UNIT 4 Physiological Integrity

Which of the following is a responsibility of a nurse in the context of health care delivery systems?

Applying knowledge of nursing procedures

What is an important challenge for nursing today in the context of health care systems?

Retaining caring values

Which of the following is a task that can be assigned or delegated based on client needs?

Performing procedures necessary for client admission

What is a responsibility of a nurse in relation to confidentiality requirements?

Assessing staff member and client understanding of confidentiality requirements

Which of the following topics are covered in the chapters on Growth and Development?

Physical and psychosocial development

What is the purpose of the NCLEX Connections in the Review Module?

To help understand how the content is connected to the NCLEX test plan

Which of the following is NOT one of the major client needs categories in the NCLEX test plan?

Health Promotion and Maintenance

What are the QSEN competencies integrated throughout the chapters?


Which of the following best defines Patient-Centered Care?

The provision of culturally sensitive care that addresses clients' needs and preferences

Which of the following best describes Evidence-Based Practice?

The use of current knowledge from research and credible sources to base clinical judgment

What is the main focus of Informatics in nursing practice?

The use of information technology as a communication tool

What does Quality Improvement in healthcare involve?

The development and implementation of a plan to improve healthcare services

Which level of health care focuses on educating and equipping clients to reduce and control risk factors for disease?

Preventive health care

Which level of health care includes prenatal and well-baby care, family planning, nutrition counseling, and disease control?

Primary health care

Which level of health care involves the diagnosis and treatment of acute illness and injury?

Secondary health care

Which level of health care involves intermediate follow-up care for restoring health and promoting self-care?

Restorative health care

What is the average body temperature range for older adult clients?

35° C to 36.1° C

What can cause an increase in body temperature during ovulation?


Which of the following can interfere with accurate oral measurement of body temperature?

Recent food or fluid intake

Which type of thermometer requires a probe cover or probe cleaning with each use?

Electronic thermometer

Which position should a client be in for rectal temperature measurement?

Sims' position

What is the purpose of disposable, single-use thermometers?

To reduce the risk of cross-infection

What is the recommended wait time before measuring oral temperature?

20 to 30 minutes

Which factor can affect body temperature?

All of the above

What is the body's response to infectious and inflammatory processes?


Which type of thermometer is specifically used for measuring temperature at the tympanic or temporal artery?

Tympanic thermometer

Which of the following is the recommended depth of insertion for the rectal probe of a thermometer for an adult?

2.5 to 3.5 cm

What should be done if resistance is encountered while inserting the rectal probe of a thermometer?

Remove it immediately

When should the rectal site be used to verify the temperature obtained through another site?

When the temperature is greater than 37.2º C (99º F)

Which of the following clients should NOT have rectal temperatures obtained?

All clients can have rectal temperatures obtained

At what age should rectal temperatures not be measured on infants according to the American Academy of Pediatrics?

Less than 3 months

What can cause inaccurate readings when measuring rectal temperatures?

Stool in the rectum

Where should the oral probe of a thermometer be placed when measuring axillary temperature?

In the center of the client's axilla

What should be done while measuring axillary temperature?

Lower the arm over the probe

What should be done to the anal area after measuring rectal temperature?

Clean it to remove feces or lubricant

Which of the following is NOT a safety measure when obtaining rectal temperatures?

Obtain rectal temperatures for clients with diarrhea

Which of the following is NOT a method of heat loss from the body?


What is the average oral temperature range considered acceptable?

36° to 38° C (96.8° to 100.4° F)

Which temperature measurement is usually higher than oral and tympanic temperatures?


Which age group has a large surface-to-mass ratio and loses heat rapidly to the environment?


What is the temperature range for a newborn considered normal?

36.5° to 37.5° C (97.7° to 99.5° F)

Which method of heat loss involves the dispersion of heat through water vapor?


Which temperature measurement is nearly 0.5° C (1° F) higher than oral and 1° C (2° F) higher than axillary temperatures?


Which method of heat loss involves the transfer of heat from the body directly to another surface?


Which method of heat loss involves the transfer of heat from one object to another without contact between them?


What is the average oral temperature?

37° C (98.6° F)

Test your knowledge on the various participants and settings in health care systems. Identify and understand the roles of consumers, licensed providers, unlicensed providers, and different settings such as hospitals, homes, and skilled-nursing facilities.

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