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According to Greiner's model, how many phases do organizations go through as they mature and grow in size?

Five phases

What is the primary task during the entrepreneurial stage of the organizational life cycle according to Greiner's model?

To provide a service or make a product

In which stage of the organizational life cycle does the organization begin to establish its position and allocate internal tasks along with responsibility and autonomy?

The collective stage

What characterizes the formalization stage of the organizational life cycle according to Greiner's model?

Systems of communication and control become more formal

According to Greiner, what does his model help in identifying and providing warning of for an organization?

The next crisis point it may have to face

What does Greiner emphasize about change in organizations as they grow and mature?

Change is inevitable

Learn about the five phases of organizational growth and the associated crisis periods according to Greiner's model. Understand how this model can help identify an organization's situation and provide warnings about potential crisis points.

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