Golgi Apparatus Overview

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Microtubules are composed of the protein actin.


Intermediate filaments provide mechanical strength and resistance to shear stress.


Microfilaments are also known as tubulin filaments.


Microtubules are involved in determining the positions of membrane-enclosed organelles.


Keratins are found in muscle cells.


Microfilaments are responsible for muscle contraction.


Lamin proteins provide structural support to the nuclear envelope.


Intermediate filaments are thinner than microtubules.


Cilia and flagella are made of microfilaments.


Microtubules are not involved in separating chromosomes during cell division.


What is the main function of water in the body?

To help regulate body temperature

Which of the following is NOT a function of water in the body?

Assisting in muscle growth

What is the role of electrolytes in the body?

Allowing cells to function properly

Which part of the body does water help to moisten?


Why are significant fatty quantities stored in the liver and adipose tissue?

Because they are absorbed with dietary fat

What percentage of total cell mass does water account for in most cases?

Around 70%

Which bodily fluids are formed by water?

Semen and mucous

Why is water considered the most abundant molecule in cells and on Earth?

Because it serves as a natural solvent

Which type of protein is responsible for protecting against foreign substances and disease-causing organisms?

Defensive proteins

What is the main function of nucleic acids in cells?

Storage and transmission of genetic information

Which type of sugar is found in RNA but not in DNA?


What type of bond holds together the sugar and phosphate molecules in the backbone of a nucleic acid?

Covalent bond

Which molecule serves as a biological catalyst in cells?


What is the main function of structural proteins like collagen?

Support and shape

Which nucleotide base is found in RNA but not in DNA?


What is the role of membrane receptor proteins in cells?


What is the structural difference between DNA and RNA?

Ribose sugar vs. deoxyribose sugar

Learn about the Golgi apparatus, an important organelle in eukaryotic cells, its structure, and functions. Explore the three regions of the Golgi apparatus and its role in modifying, sorting, and packaging proteins.

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