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What type of gland is derived from surface epithelium and forms the functional unit with specialized secretory cells?

Exocrine gland

Which type of gland is surrounded by star-shaped contractile cells that help in the expulsion of secretions?

Exocrine gland

Where can unicellular glands, such as goblet cells, be found?

Intestinal epithelium

What modulates the rate of secretion in glands?

Nervous & Hormonal influence

Which category of glands is ducted and releases its products through a duct?

Exocrine gland

Study Notes

  • Glandular Epithelium: type of epithelium specialized in secretion production; all glands are made up of this epithelium
  • Secretion: exocytosis, release of products from cells, stored in membrane-bound secretory granules
  • Glandular Epithelium: an organ of secretion, derived from surface epithelium, composed of specialized secretory cells, secretes fluids containing enzymes, mucus, hormones, etc.
  • General Features of Glands: can be present as discrete organs or in layers of viscera, epithelial origin, functional unit consists of specialized secretory cells, secretion rate modulated by nervous and hormonal influence
  • Gland Structure: some exocrine glands have myo-epithelial cells, star-shaped cells between secretory cells and basement membrane, help in expulsion of secretions, share features of both epithelium and muscle cells.
  • Gland Categories:
  • Exocrine vs Endocrine: presence or absence of ducts, exocrine = ducted, endocrine = ductless
  • Unicellular vs Multicellular: unicellular glands are interspersed among other epithelial cells (example: goblet cells), multicellular glands are larger structures (example: lacrimal gland, parotid gland)
  • Mode of secretion: unicellular glands secrete continuously, multicellular glands secrete in response to stimuli
  • Secretion products: vary from one gland to another.

Test your knowledge about glandular epithelium, which is specialized epithelium responsible for secretion. Learn about the general features of glands and their presence in different organs.

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