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Which type of acid contains Thymine as one of its nitrogenous bases?


What is the genetic material for all living things?


What is the main focus of classical breeding practices?

Mating of organisms with desirable qualities

What is the term for DNA that has been changed through genetic engineering and now contains genetic material from two different species?

Recombinant DNA

Which process involves taking genes from an organism of one species and placing them in another, where they are expressed?

Genetic Engineering

What is the primary purpose of cutting or cleaving DNA by restriction enzymes in the process of Recombinant DNA?

Inserting new genes at random locations

What is the primary purpose of the ligation process in genetic engineering?

To join the gene of interest from an animal with a vector

Which statement accurately describes the application of recombinant DNA technology in bioremediation?

It aims to cleanse environmental contaminants using genetically modified organisms.

What is one benefit associated with genetically modified crops according to the text?

Improvement of food supply in poor countries

Which organisms are typically used in bioremediation processes, as mentioned in the text?

Pseudomonas putida and Nitrosomonas europaea

What is a potential risk associated with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) based on the information provided?

'Super weeds' resulting from cross-pollination

How does gene therapy utilize recombinant DNA technology?

To treat genetic disorders and acquired diseases

Test your knowledge on DNA, RNA, chromosomes, genes, and the structure of genetic material. Learn about the basics proposed by Watson and Crick in 1953 and explore the fundamental units of heredity.

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