Gastritis: Inflammation of the Gastric Mucosa

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What is the most common pathogen for chronic gastritis?

Helicobacter pylori

Which microbe is not commonly associated with causing chronic gastritis?

Escherichia coli

What physiological condition can induce chronic gastritis?

Large hiatal hernia

Which medical procedure can irritate the gastric walls and cause gastritis?


What is the main function of the normal gastric mucosal barrier?

Prevent digestion by Hcl acid and pepsin

Which factor does not contribute to acute damage to the gastric mucosa?

Regular water consumption

What is the main cause of tissue oedema in the stomach due to acute gastritis?

Loss of plasma into the gastric lumen

Which symptom is NOT typically associated with acute gastritis?


Why does achlorhydria occur in acute gastritis?

Progressive gastric atrophy

What is the recommended intervention for managing nausea and vomiting in acute gastritis?

Giving antiemetic medication

Which investigation is NOT typically used for diagnosing acute gastritis?

X-Ray of the chest

What is the primary aim when managing acute gastritis?

Treating symptoms and eliminating the cause

Learn about the definition, types, causes, and risk factors of gastritis, an inflammation of the gastric mucosa. Explore the differences between acute and chronic gastritis, as well as the role of factors such as autoimmune conditions, bacterial infections, drugs, and diet in the development of this condition.

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