Functions of the Skin in Nursing

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What is the angle between the nail and nail bed?

160 degrees

What is the main cause of a callus on the foot?

Pressure from shoes

How are corns mainly formed on the foot?

Caused by friction and pressure from ill-fitting shoes

What is the recommended intervention for unpleasant foot odors?

Regular and frequent washing of feet

What virus is responsible for causing plantar warts on the sole of the foot?

Papovavirus hominis (papilloma virus)

What is a common nursing intervention for treating calluses on the foot?

Warm water soaks with Epsom salts

How should plantar warts be treated?

Wart curettage or freezing in solid carbon dioxide

What is the function of emollients on the skin?

Softens skin and prevents moisture loss

How can excessive dryness of the skin be managed?

Soaking the skin

What is the role of sebaceous glands in skin health?

Secrete sebum to help maintain healthy skin

How does the skin regulate temperature?

By perspiring

What is the consequence of constant exposure to moisture on the skin?


How does bathing impact the secretion on the skin?

Removes excess body secretion

What effect does covering with excessive blankets have on heat loss?

Minimizes heat loss

Why should water temperature be regulated during care for the skin?

Avoids causing injury to the skin

Which of the following skin conditions is characterized by a bluish-tinge evident in nailbeds, lips, and buccal mucosa?


What is the primary nursing implication related to hirsutism in women?

Enhance client's self-concept

What is the term used to describe the absence of underlying red tone seen in the buccal mucosa?


Which skin condition is associated with a yellowish-tinge, initially seen in the sclera?


What does pallor refer to?

Unusual lightness of skin color

Which term describes excessive perspiration?


What is the term for patches of hypopigmented skin?


How should the nurse provide nail care for a client with thick or hard nails?

Soak the nails in a basin of water

What is the correct way to cut or file nails according to the text?

Straight across beyond the end of the finger or toe

Why is it important to avoid trimming or digging into nails at the lateral corners?

To prevent ingrown nails

Which action can impair salivary secretion in the oral cavity?

Exposure to radiation

What can ulcerations or trauma in the oral cavity frequently result in?

Significant bleeding

How can oral hygiene decrease the incidence of pneumonia, as mentioned in the text?

By decreasing aspiration pneumonia

What should be used to store dentures overnight, as per the text?

Cool water in a container

How often should oral care be provided if indicated according to the text?

$ ext{Every 2 hours}$

What is the clinical presentation of a Stage III pressure ulcer?

Deep crater

Which structures can be affected in a Stage IV pressure ulcer?

Bone or supporting structures

What should be considered during the assessment of a pressure ulcer?

Size of lesion and amount of time the lesion has been known to exist

Which position is NOT shown in Figure 34.2 regarding body pressure areas?

Lithotomy position

What differentiates a Stage IV pressure ulcer from a Stage III pressure ulcer?

Involvement of muscle or bone

What does the term 'undermining of adjacent tissue' refer to in a pressure ulcer?

Tissue damage below the surface level around the wound

Which factor is NOT part of the assessment of a pressure ulcer?

(redness, warmth, swelling, pain, odor & exudate)

What does the color of the wound bed indicate during the assessment of a pressure ulcer?

The depth and severity of the wound

Which position is considered when assessing body pressure areas?

Lithotomy position

Learn about the various functions of the skin in nursing, including moisture retention, sensation, and temperature regulation. Discover how these functions impact nursing care and best practices to maintain skin health.

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