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According to John Kotter, what is the primary focus of leadership?

Motivating and inspiring

In Kotter's view, what distinguishes management from leadership?

Empowering others

According to Northouse's summary of leadership traits, which trait involves having a strong belief in one's own abilities?


What distinguishes the two general kinds of behaviors in the behavioral approach to leadership?

Technical vs Conceptual

Which area of self-assessment is emphasized as critical in the fire service?

Physical condition

What must firefighters be free of in order to maintain full attention?


In task allocation, what is the process of dividing responsibilities among individuals and teams effectively called?

Task allocation

According to Klein, which model describes how commanders can recognize a plausible plan of action?

Recognition-primed decision making

What is the ongoing activity of assessing the dynamic environment during a fire incident referred to as?

Situational awareness

According to John Kotter, which term defines the process that keeps something working efficiently?


'Aligning people' is described as which subprocess in leadership according to John Kotter?

'Aligning people'

'Seek commitment' is associated with which function when contrasting management and leadership?

'Set timetables'

'Generate creative solutions' is a function primarily associated with which term in contrasting management and leadership?

'Generate creative solutions'

How many major leadership traits were identified by Peter Northouse?


Which is one of the major leadership traits identified by Peter Northouse?


What is the hallmark of an authority-compliance manager?

High concern for results, low concern for others

In which situation is the autocratic leadership style required in the fire service?

Conducting a primary search during a structure fire

What is the defining characteristic of the country club (or accommodating) manager?

Low concern for results, high concern for other people

What is the belief of the middle-of-the-road (status quo) manager regarding concerns for results and people?

One concern should not be valued over the other

When is the laissez-faire leadership style considered effective in the fire service?

Working with experienced firefighters on routine duties

What is the characteristic of a team management (or sound) manager?

High concern for both people and results

What behavior aspect is considered by leaders in Situational Leadership?

Directive and supportive behavior

'Servant leadership' emphasizes leaders being attentive to the concerns of followers, empathizing with them, and:

Nurturing them

'Adaptive leadership' focuses on encouraging people to adapt when confronted with:

Challenges and changes

'Followership' is a process whereby individuals accept the influence of others to accomplish a common goal.

'Followership' involves accepting the influence of others to achieve shared objectives.

'Legitimate power' in leadership involves the belief that:

'Target person has obligation to comply.'

'Staffing' in human resources management includes activities related to:

'Employee relations.'

What is the leadership style that combines a high level of concern for both results and people according to the Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid?


In which situation is an autocratic leadership style required based on the text?

A unified command structure has been established.

According to Blake and Mouton, what does country club management demonstrate?

Low concern for results, high concern for people

Which style of leadership is appropriate for working with experienced firefighters on duties that pose little hazard?


What is the Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid style that represents the lowest level of concern for results and people called?


Which type of management focuses on 'what’s right' rather than 'who’s right' according to Blake and Mouton?


In which emergency situation is a democratic leadership style appropriate?

Analysis of a complex emergency incident

What does the controlling manager demonstrate according to the Blake and Mouton Managerial Grid?

High concern for results, high concern for people

In the situational leadership concept, how many distinct categories of directive and support behavior are there?


Which leadership style emphasizes the charismatic and affective elements of leadership?


According to French and Raven, which type of power is demonstrated when a firefighter complies with an order to avoid punishment?


Which power type, according to French and Raven, is exhibited by an incident commander directing resources on an incident?


In leadership, which style focuses on encouraging people to adjust to problems, challenges, and changes?


What is the term for the process by which an individual accepts the influence of others to achieve a common goal?


In employee relations, what do the activities aim to do?

Attract and retain employees

When making labor force reductions, which approach do most departments typically start with?


For most fire officers, what is considered their greatest challenge?

Managing people

What term is used for the process involving attracting, selecting, and maintaining a sufficient labor force?


What is one of the best tools for improving time efficiency?


What does CRM stand for?

A behavioral approach to reducing human error

CRM was originally developed for which context?

The aviation industry

Which is one of Gordon Dupont’s “dirty dozen”?


Dr. James Reason likened the multiple defensive layers of high-technology systems to which historical structure?

Swiss cheese

In the context of CRM, which behavior should leaders avoid when speaking directly to others?

Preempting the receiver’s opportunity to make the connection

What is a violation of the sterile cockpit concept in a fire service environment?

Stowage of irons or similar tools inside of the cab

In Klein’s decision-making models, which model is described as involving recognizing patterns and responding without extensive analysis?

Recognition primed

What does NASA define as 'the basis for choosing courses of action of the situation both now and in the future'?

Situational awareness

What is a common human behavior factor that can lead to a loss of situational awareness in emergency response?

Ignoring out-of-context information

'Draining the emotional bubble' is considered the focal point of conflict resolution in CRM. What would be the next appropriate step after this process?

Identify the root cause

'Advocacy' is mentioned as a skill promoting synergy between mechanical elements and human players. Which other skill would be important in this context?


'Rank and authority' are highlighted as elements through which fire officers formally exercise leadership. What other aspect plays a significant role in this exercise?

'Coaching and mentoring'

'Offering a solution' is identified as a step in the assertive statement process. What step typically precedes this action?

'Describing the problem'

'Understanding human behavior' is mentioned as a critical area of self-assessment for functioning within a team. Which other area is equally important for effective teamwork?

'Work ethic'

What should leaders do in order to effectively maintain emergency scene situational awareness?

Regularly reevaluate their understanding of the situation.

In CRM, what approach should be taken by leaders when communicating with subordinates to ensure effective conflict resolution?

Assertiveness combined with empathy.

What are the two reasons cited by James Reason to explain why holes appear in the layers of defense?

Active failures and Latent conditions

Which approach is Crew Resource Management (CRM) primarily focused on?

Reducing human error

In the context of CRM, what are 'active failures'?

Unsafe acts committed by people in direct contact with the situation or system

What does Helmreich's CRM error management model incorporate?

Avoidance, entrapment, and mitigating consequences

What are some components covered by the fire service CRM model?

Communication skills, teamwork, task allocation, critical decision making, situational awareness, and post incident analysis

What does the assertive statement include as per the text?

Addressing the individual, stating a concern with an owned emotion, articulating the problem as seen, proposing a solution, and seeking agreement.

What is one of the essential listening techniques as discussed in the text?

Purposefully refraining from responding until the speaker has finished expressing themselves.

What is a key focus of Crew Resource Management (CRM) in conflict resolution?

Focusing on what is right rather than who is right in conflict resolution.

How many activities does Helmreich's CRM error management model incorporate?

Three activities

What is one of the core beliefs that everyone within a department needs to recognize according to the text?

Everyone has an obligation to speak up when they see something wrong.

Test your knowledge on French and Raven's power bases, different leadership styles, and the influence process in a quiz format. Questions cover topics such as incident commander power, leadership in challenging situations, and the acceptance of influence to achieve common goals.

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