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What did Frédéric Sorrieu visualize in his series of prints from 1848?

A world made up of democratic and social Republics

What do the shattered remains in the foreground of the image symbolize?

Absolutist institutions

What does the first print of the series depict?

People of Europe and America offering homage to the statue of Liberty

Which two nations were leading the procession in Sorrieu's utopian vision?

United States and Switzerland

What does the first print of the series depict?

People offering homage to the statue of Liberty

What is the primary theme depicted in Frédéric Sorrieu's series of prints from 1848?

The visualization of worldwide democratic and social republics

What does the statue of Liberty in Sorrieu's print symbolize?

The torch of Enlightenment and the Charter of the Rights of Man

In Sorrieu's utopian vision, how are the peoples of the world grouped?

As distinct nations, identified through their flags and national costume

What do the shattered remains of absolutist institutions in the image symbolize?

The destruction and downfall of autocratic systems

What does Sorrieu's vision suggest about the United States and Switzerland?

They had already achieved nation-state status by 1848

What role did artists play during the time of the French Revolution?

They personified Liberty as a female figure in their artworks

What is the meaning of 'Absolutist' as used in the text?

'Absolutist' refers to a system of rule with no restraints on power exercised

What was the primary message conveyed by Frédéric Sorrieu through his series of prints?

'Democratic and social Republics' should be established worldwide

Test your knowledge about Frédéric Sorrieu's visualisation of a world with 'democratic and social Republics' through his series of prints. Explore the portrayal of Liberty and the social classes in the artwork.

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