Frédéric Sorrieu's World of Democratic Republics Quiz

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What does the statue of Liberty in Sorrieu's first print symbolize?

Liberty and Enlightenment

What do the shattered remains of the symbols of absolutist institutions on the earth in the first print symbolize?

The decline of absolute power

What is depicted in the first print of Frédéric Sorrieu's series?

Men and women of all ages and social classes marching in a long train

In Sorrieu's utopian vision, how are the peoples of the world grouped?

As distinct nations identified through their flags and national costume

Which two nations are leading the procession in Sorrieu's first print?

United States and Switzerland

Test your knowledge about Frédéric Sorrieu's vision of a world composed of democratic and social Republics, as depicted in his series of prints. Explore the symbolism and themes behind the first print in the series, which portrays people from Europe and America paying homage to the statue of Liberty.

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