Frédéric Sorrieu's World of Democratic and Social Republics Quiz

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What does the first print of Sorrieu's series depict?

People of Europe and America offering homage to the statue of Liberty

What does the statue of Liberty hold in Sorrieu's print?

Torch of Enlightenment and the Charter of the Rights of Man

What lies in the foreground of the image in Sorrieu's print?

Shattered remains of the symbols of absolutist institutions

How are the nations of the world depicted in Sorrieu's utopian vision?

Grouped as distinct nations, identified through their flags and national costume

Which countries lead the procession in Sorrieu's print?

United States and Switzerland

Study Notes

Sorrieu's Series

  • The first print of Sorrieu's series depicts a utopian vision of the nations of the world marching together in harmony.

Statue of Liberty

  • The Statue of Liberty holds a torch and a tablet in Sorrieu's print.

Image Composition

  • The foreground of the image in Sorrieu's print features a chaotic and war-torn landscape.

Utopian Vision

  • In Sorrieu's utopian vision, the nations of the world are depicted as marching together in harmony, putting aside their differences.

Procession Leaders

  • The procession in Sorrieu's print is led by England, France, and the United States, symbolizing the leadership of these nations in the utopian world.

"1848 World of Democratic and Social Republics: Visualizing Frédéric Sorrieu's Dream" Quiz Test your knowledge of Frédéric Sorrieu's vision of a world composed of democratic and social republics through a series of questions about his iconic prints and the symbolism within them.

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