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What penalty will be imposed for consistent neglect of certain changes by the team?

20 points deduction for each occurrence

If a team uploads a revision before being requested by competition officials, what will happen to the latest submitted document?

It will be considered the 'first submission'

What happens if a team simultaneously requests different parts within one document or form?

They are penalized independently of each other

When will comments made by the reviewer on the PS need to be responded to?

Within three weeks of the competition dates

Who is responsible for confirming the participation of team members on-site?

The team captain

What happens to participants with incorrect or incomplete insurance information?

Their participation status is revoked on-site

When will participants receive a participation certificate?

Within four weeks of the competition completion

How many team members can participate on a team?

Maximum 60 team members

What information is the team captain responsible for providing?

Driver license information and insurance scans

Where can late submission fees and extra member fees be found?

On the competition website

What is the surface envelope in the context of the text?

The union of the rollover protection envelope and the volume defined by the main hoop and tire edges

Which standard must a material meet to be classified as fire retardant according to the text?

FAR 25.853(a)(1)(i)

In the context of electrical definitions, when are two devices or circuits considered directly connected?

When the connection is not routed through any common PCB and does not include any devices or functionality other than overcurrent protection or connectors

What defines a material as meeting the fire retardant standard FAR 25.853(a)(1)(i)?

Material thickness

Which part of the surface envelope is defined by a projection in side view in the context of the text?

Upper boundaries of the rollover protection envelope

What is the purpose of a coolant as described in the text?

To transfer heat by convection

What material must the main hoop and main hoop bracing be made of?


When can the front hoop be made of aluminum?

Only if it is a welded aluminum structure

What is required when materials other than steel tubing are used in the primary structure?

Physical testing to prove equivalency to steel properties

When using alloyed steel, what must the team provide to show structural equivalency?

Documentation about welding processes and filler materials

What must be calculated if composite structures are used in the primary structure or TSAC?

Flexural Rigidity (EI)

What should be considered when calculating Flexural Rigidity (EI) for composite structures?

Actual geometry and curvature can be taken into account

What is the purpose of the Business Plan Presentation Event in the Formula Bharat 2025 competition?

To present a comprehensive business plan for the team's project

According to the rules, what is the consequence of violating the 'Unsportsmanlike Conduct' regulation?

A penalty as defined by the rules

What is the primary objective of the Engineering Design Event in Formula Bharat 2025?

To showcase the team's concept, resources, and management report

What is the main purpose of the 'Shutdown Circuit' in Electric Vehicles in the Formula Bharat competition?

To disconnect the tractive system in case of emergencies

Which event evaluates the driver's ability to maneuver through a designated course at speed in Formula Bharat 2025?

Autocross Event

What is an essential requirement for 'Cockpit Internal Cross Section' as per Formula Bharat 2025 rules?

Accessibility of controls for the driver

In Formula Bharat, what does 'Tractive System Energy Storage' primarily refer to?

Energy storage components like batteries for electric vehicles

What is the primary objective of the Tilt Test in Formula Bharat?

To test vehicle stability under extreme tilting conditions

'LVMS' stands for which component as per Formula Bharat 2025 rules?

'Low Voltage Master Switch'

'Bill of Material (BOM)' is associated with which event in Formula Bharat 2025?

'Cost and Manufacturing Event'

Study Notes

General Rules

  • Formula Bharat 2025 Rules Booklet Version 1.2, adapted from FS-Rules 2024 v1.1
  • Rules are subject to change, and teams must check the website for updates

Administrative Regulations

  • Competition overview, objectives, and procedure
  • Officials' authority, official instructions, and arguments with officials
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct, violations of intent, and protests
  • General requirements for teams and participants (e.g., team members, student status, age, driver's license, insurance)

Documentation and Deadlines

  • Required documents and forms (e.g., Participation Agreement, Team Information Form)
  • Submission deadlines and late submission penalties
  • Photographic submissions, vehicle status video, and team member information

Participation Certificates

  • Participation certificates will be issued within four weeks of competition completion
  • Certificates will only be issued to participants who have submitted complete information and relevant documents

General Technical Requirements

  • Definitions (e.g., chassis, material, electrical)
  • Vehicle configuration, ground clearance, bodywork, suspension, steering, wheels, tires, and rollover protection envelope

Chassis Design Requirements

  • General chassis design requirements
  • Minimum material requirements, alternative materials, and laminate testing
  • Roll hoops, main hoop bracing, front hoop bracing, and front bulkhead support structure

Cockpit, Driver Restraint System, and Brake System

  • Cockpit opening, internal cross-section, and driver's seat
  • Driver restraint system definitions, lap belts, shoulder harnesses, and anti-submarine belts
  • Brake system general requirements, brake over-travel switches, and brake lights

Powertrain, Aerodynamic Devices, and Compressed Gas Systems

  • Powertrain general requirements, transmission, and drivetrain shields
  • Aerodynamic devices, restrictions, and minimum edge radii
  • Compressed gas systems, compressed gas cylinders, and high-pressure hydraulic pumps and lines

Electrical Components and Vehicle Identification

  • Low-voltage system, master switches, and shutdown buttons
  • Vehicle identification, university name, timing equipment, and camera mounts

Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles (CV)

  • Internal combustion engine powertrains, air intake systems, and fuel systems
  • Fuel tanks, fuel lines, and exhaust systems
  • Shutdown systems and noise control

Electric Vehicles (EV)

  • Electric powertrains, tractive systems, and electric motors
  • Tractive system accumulators, battery management systems, and charging systems
  • Shutdown circuits, insulation monitoring devices, and failure modes and effects analysis

Inspections and Events

  • Pre-inspection, technical inspection, and inspection responsible person
  • Accumulator inspection, electrical inspection, and mechanical inspection
  • Rain test, noise test, and post-event inspection
  • Business plan presentation, cost and manufacturing event, engineering design event, and dynamic events (skidpad, acceleration, autocross, endurance, and efficiency)

Dynamic Event Regulations

  • Dynamic event general rules, driver limitations, and weather conditions
  • Skidpad event procedure, acceleration event procedure, and autocross event procedure
  • Endurance and efficiency event procedures and scoring

Test your knowledge of changes, updates, and eliminations in the Formula Bharat 2025 Rules Booklet. Identify text changes issued by FS2024 Rules and FB updates. Be prepared for questions on administrative regulations, competition overview, and vehicle eligibility.

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