Forensic Psychology and Memory Errors Quiz

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What can change a memory as we fill in the gaps we don’t remember?


Why is memory malleability and fallibility a problem in court cases?

It can be used to make convictions

What is the focus of forensic psychology?

Understanding and reducing criminal behavior through interventions

What evidence suggests a genetic aspect to criminal behavior?

Identical twins had a 52% chance of crime compared to non-identical twins

What environmental factors can contribute to criminal behavior?

Poor upbringing and absence of positive and affectionate attachment bonds

Study Notes

Memory and Criminal Behavior

  • Human memories can be altered or changed over time as we try to fill in gaps in our recollection, which can lead to inaccurate memories.
  • The malleability and fallibility of memory can be a significant issue in court cases, as eyewitness testimonies may be unreliable or influenced by external factors.

Forensic Psychology

  • The primary focus of forensic psychology is the application of psychological principles to the legal system, particularly in the context of criminal investigations and court proceedings.

Genetic and Environmental Factors in Criminal Behavior

  • Research suggests that there may be a genetic component to criminal behavior, with certain genetic factors potentially predisposing individuals to engage in criminal activity.
  • Environmental factors, such as poverty, lack of education, and socioeconomic status, can also contribute to an increased likelihood of criminal behavior.

Test your knowledge of forensic psychology and memory errors with this quiz. Explore the malleability of memory and its implications in legal contexts. Understand why memory errors can be problematic, especially in criminal investigations and court proceedings.

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