Foetal and Newborn Auditory Perception

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What is the initial response of the foetus to auditory stimulation?


At birth, what sounds do newborns prefer to listen to?

People talking

What is the frequency range of tones that newborns respond most to?


What type of sounds will a newborn preferentially suck to hear?

Voice recording

According to DeCasper & Fifer (1980), what evidence is there that the foetus can learn to recognize the mother's voice?

Preferential sucking

According to DeCasper and Prescott (1984), what was the preference of newborns for their mother's voice?

They preferred their mother's voice after 13 hours of postnatal exposure.

In Eimas et al. (1971), how did 1 and 4 month old infants perceive the speech sounds /ba/ and /pa/?

They perceived /ba/ and /pa/ as distinct sounds regardless of voice onset time (VOT).

What did Eimas et al. (1971) find regarding infants' habituation to the sound /ba/?

Infants habituated to /ba/ and dishabituated more to longer VOT, similar to adults' perception.

What was the result of DeCasper and Prescott's (1984) study on 2-day-olds' preference for their father versus a male stranger?

2-day-olds showed no preference for their father versus a male stranger despite hours of postnatal experience with the father.

Based on the text, what is the significance of infants' perceptions of speech sounds being categorical?

It demonstrates that infants' phonetic boundaries are the same as adults.

What was the outcome of Eimas et al.'s (1971) experiment on infant perception of the sounds /ba/ and /pa/?

Infants habituated to ba and showed distinct preferences for varying voice onset times (VOT).

Explore the development of auditory perception in foetuses and newborns, including how they respond to auditory stimulation in the womb and their preferences for different types of sounds at birth.

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