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What is flexography printing system?

Flexography is a printing process that utilizes a flexible relief plate adhered to a printing cylinder. It is an updated version of letterpress.

What are the main topics of GRPH291 - Materials and Printing Systems course for Fall 2023?

The main topics are Printing Process, Plate Making, Flexography Printing systems’ Products, and Introduction to Tetra Pack Printing technology.

What types of substrates can flexography be used for printing on?

Flexography can be used for printing on almost any type of substrate including plastic, metallic films, cellophane, and paper.

How is the relief plate used in flexography printing made?

The relief plate used for flexography is made of molded rubber or photopolymer materials with the image areas raised above the non-image areas of the plate. Flexographic plates can be created with analog and digital platemaking processes.

What is the function of the anilox roller in flexography printing?

The anilox roller applies ink to the raised portions of the plate, which is then transferred to the substrate. It has cells that carry a specific amount of ink to the plate.

Test your knowledge on flexography printing systems and related topics such as printing process, plate making, products, and Tetra Pack printing technology.

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