3D Printing Process Flow
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3D Printing Process Flow

This quiz tests your understanding of the 3D printing process flow, involving the conversion of CAD models to printable layers. Identify the correct steps in the process.

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The process of converting a 3D model into a format that can be read by a 3D printer involves slicing the model into many horizontal layers.


The STL file format is used for 2D CAD modeling.


Generating a 3D CAD model is the last step before printing a part.


The process of slicing a 3D model into layers is also known as converting to an STL file.

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The process of printing a part involves converting the 3D model to an STL file.

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Study Notes

3D Printing Process

  • The process flow protocol that involves cutting the model into many horizontal layers is called Slicing or C.
  • This process is a crucial step in 3D printing where a 3D model is divided into thin layers to be printed layer by layer.
  • The slicing process prepares the 3D model for printing by generating 2D layers that the 3D printer can understand.

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