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What are the basic elements of the printing process?

Printing plate, Substrate, Ink, Printing machine

Which of the following is not a type of print mentioned in the text?


What does prepress operations include in the printing cycle?

Word processing, Graphic arts, Image assembly, Color separation

Which step is NOT part of the printing cycle?

Baking – Frying

What does the press phase in the printing cycle involve?


Which of the following is not mentioned as a kind of print in the text?


What are the 8 types of printing originals?

Black-and-white or color prints

What is a continuous tone original?

An image consisting of tone values ranging from some minimum to maximum density

What is the rule of thumb for image resolution in most printing applications?

250–300 ppi

What does typesetting begin with?

Inputting of text into a computer

What is a manuscript in the context of word processing?

The handwritten text that is to appear in print

Study Notes

Printing Process Basics

  • The printing process involves three basic phases: prepress, press, and postpress

Prepress Operations

  • Include typesetting, original preparation, and plate-making
  • Originals can be classified into 8 types: line art, halftone, continuous tone, line and halftone combination, duotone, tritone, quad tone, and process color

Printing Cycle

  • Press phase involves transferring ink onto paper or other printing materials
  • Postpress operations involve binding, cutting, and finishing of printed materials

Printing Originals

  • Continuous tone original is an original with subtle tonal gradations, rather than distinct lines or dots

Image Resolution

  • Rule of thumb for image resolution in most printing applications is 1.5 to 2 times the screen ruling


  • Begins with manuscript preparation
  • Manuscript in the context of word processing is an author's original handwritten or typed draft

Test your knowledge of the printing process, including the key elements such as printing plates, substrates, ink, and printing machines. Explore different kinds of prints like books, magazines, newspapers, packaging, clothes, and devices. Learn about the printing cycle from preparing the original to finishing.

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