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What is the primary goal of data integration?

To provide users with consistent access and delivery of data across a spectrum of subjects and data structure types

Which data integration approach requires the least amount of technical knowledge and maintenance?

Uniform data access

Which data integration approach has the disadvantage of "Middleware needs to be deployed and maintained"?

Middleware data integration

What is the main advantage of common data storage (data warehouse) over uniform data access?

Increased data version management control

Which data integration approach has the disadvantage of "Time consuming" and "Data must be handled at each stage"?

Manual data integration

Which data integration approach has the advantage of being "Conducted automatically and the same way each time"?

Middleware data integration

Which of the following is NOT a feature of big data?


Which of the following statements about structured data is INCORRECT?

It is more flexible than unstructured data.

What is a characteristic of unstructured data?

It is not organised according to a present data model or scheme.

What percentage of data generated and collected by organisations is unstructured?


What is a characteristic of semi-structured data?

It is easier to parse and analyse than unstructured data.

Which of the following is a method used for analysing unstructured data?

Natural language processing

Test your knowledge on the features of big data including volume, variety, velocity, and veracity, as well as the characteristics of structured data technology such as relational database tables and transaction management.

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