Extraction of Aluminium from Bauxite Ore

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What is the main ore of aluminium?


How is iron oxide separated from bauxite in the extraction process of aluminium?

It is separated by filtration

What is the chemical formula of sodium aluminate formed during the leaching process of bauxite?


What are the main impurities present in bauxite ore?

Silica, ferric oxide, titanium oxide

Which method is used to separate impurities from bauxite in the extraction of aluminium?

Bayer’s method

What temperature range is used for leaching bauxite with concentrated caustic soda in the Bayer’s method?

140 to 150°C

This quiz covers the extraction process of aluminium from its ore bauxite, including the concentration of bauxite ore and the subsequent extraction of aluminium metal. Learn about the abundance of aluminium in the Earth's crust and the components of bauxite ore.

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