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Which physiological variables are assessed in Unit 2 of Term 1?

Breathe Hold Capacity and Vital Capacity

Which systems are affected by exercise in a sports person?

All of the above

What are the immediate effects of exercise on the body?

Musculoskeletal, Circulatory, and Respiratory System

What is Physical Burnout or Overtraining Syndrome (OTS)?

Physical, Physiological, and Behavioral

What is the purpose of the Glossary in Unit 2 of Term 1?

To provide definitions of terms

Which of the following is NOT a dimension of physical education?

Developing physical competence

What is one of the generic skills that physical education helps develop?

Verbal communication

Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a career option in physical education?

Software development

What does physical education aim to develop in students?

Knowledge of movement and safety

Why is physical education considered a developing field of study?

Because the value for a healthy lifestyle is growing

Test your knowledge of exercise physiology with this quiz on Unit 2 of Term 1. Explore topics such as assessment of physiological variables, effects of exercise on different systems, and more. Challenge yourself and enhance your understanding of exercise physiology concepts.

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