Exploration and Colonization of America (Documentary

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Which European country established the colony of New France in the Caribbean Sea?


What was the capital of New France?


What were the three F's that represented the French exploration in North America?

Fur, Fish, and Friends

Which European country settled colonies along the Atlantic coast of North America?


During the 15th century, European countries began exploring new trade routes to increase their wealth because they believed

There was a limited amount of gold in the world

Who were the three main countries exploring and colonizing North America during this time?

Portugal, Spain, and England

What was the impact of European exploration during this time?

To acquire more wealth

What were the three main reasons for Spanish exploration?

Glory, God, and gold

Test your knowledge on European exploration and colonization of North America with this quiz. Can you answer key questions like why Europe was exploring during this time in history and who were the three main countries involved? Take the quiz now and find out!

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