Ethical, Privacy, and Security Issues in Online Social Networks Quiz

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What is a computer network?

A distributed system consisting of loosely coupled computing elements and other devices

What does network software mainly facilitate in a computer network?

Synchronization, coordination, and data exchange among network elements

What are network nodes required to follow in order to communicate?

Set of communicating rules called protocols

What components make up the hardware part of a computer network?

Hubs, bridges, routers, and gateways

What is the purpose of network classification as LAN or WAN?

To determine the geographical scope of the network

What kind of resources may network elements own in a computer network?

Local or global software and/or hardware resources

What is the primary function of a social network node?

To generate and disseminate information independently

Which type of online social network can handle the new mobile context?


What is the primary difference between chat networks and blog networks?

Chat networks are for real-time communication, while blog networks are like online journals

What is the purpose of an Instant Messaging Network (IMN)?

To support real-time communication between two or more individuals

What is the common feature among traditional OSNs like Facebook and MySpace?

They are public and free with open access for all users

What does a blog network primarily consist of?

Online diaries documenting daily activities

What distinguishes mobile OSNs from traditional OSNs like Facebook and MySpace?

Mobile OSNs can handle new mobile context, while traditional OSNs cannot

What is the key characteristic of chat rooms in chat networks?

Real-time communication in a public setting

What is an important characteristic of Online Social Networking Services?

"It aims to facilitate computer-mediated interaction among people who share interests, activities, backgrounds, or real-life connections"

Test your knowledge of ethical, privacy, and security issues in the online social network ecosystems with this quiz. Explore concepts related to computer networks, distributed systems, and communication protocols.

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