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What is a moral dilemma?

A situation involving conflicting values or principles

Which element is central to moral dilemmas?

Conflict of values

In a moral dilemma, why is it important to consider consequences?

To understand the outcomes of each choice

What makes resolving a moral dilemma challenging?

The need for careful thought and consideration

Which term describes the conflicting moral perspectives in moral dilemmas?

Conflict of values

Why are ethical considerations essential in moral dilemmas?

To ensure conflicting values are considered

What are the three conditions that must be present in a moral dilemma according to Karen Allen?

The person is obliged to make a decision, there must be different courses of action, some moral principles are always compromised.

Which level of moral dilemma involves personal choices that challenge an individual's moral values?

Individual Dilemma

What kind of ethical conflict does Chuchay face?

Conflict of religious beliefs and societal norms

How does the emotional impact of moral dilemmas affect decision-making?

It can evoke strong emotions that influence the decision-making process

Which course of action in Chuchay's dilemma aligns with her religious beliefs?

Will not resort to Abortion

What aspect of moral dilemmas involves deciding whether to act or refrain from acting based on ethical beliefs?

Personal Responsibility

What is the distinguishing feature of an organizational/interpersonal moral dilemma?

Occurring in the context of relationships or interactions with others

In a structural/societal moral dilemma, the concerns are primarily related to:

Network of institutions and operations

What is a common characteristic of all moral dilemmas, regardless of their type?

Navigating conflicting moral values

How do organizational/interpersonal moral dilemmas differ from structural/societal dilemmas?

Impact on interpersonal dynamics and connections

Why are personal moral principles significant in decision-making related to moral dilemmas?

To navigate conflicting moral values

Which best describes the consequences faced by an individual in a structural/societal moral dilemma?

Personal consequences for maintaining silence

Test your knowledge on decision-making dilemmas based on personal moral principles and their impact on individuals' lives. Explore scenarios involving organizational and interpersonal dilemmas, which involve ethical challenges within relationships or interactions with others.

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