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Which cell is the first recognizable cell belonging to the erythropoiesis series?


What is the characteristic feature of CFU-E (colony forming unit-erythroid)?

Committed somewhat later RBC precursor

What is the characteristic feature of the cytoplasm of orthochromatic/late normoblasts?

More eosinophilic due to hemoglobin formation

What does BFU-E (burst forming unit-erythroid) represent in erythropoiesis?

Committed early RBC precursor with significant proliferative capacity

Where does erythropoiesis take place in the body?

Bone marrow

Test your knowledge of erythropoiesis and the development of red blood cells with this quiz. From pronormoblasts to mature red cells, challenge yourself to identify the different stages of erythroblast maturation and understand the process that takes place in the bone marrow.

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