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What are enzymes?

Biological catalysts, proteins that act as catalysts for biological reactions, they speed up the rate of chemical reactions without undergoing any change.

What is the structure of most enzymes?

Most enzymes are water-soluble globular proteins, which are usually spherical in structure and are the most abundant types of proteins.

What are the functions of globular proteins?

Globular proteins act as enzymes, messengers, transporters, and regulators. They are generally soluble in water.

What are the proteins involved in providing structural stability?

The proteins involved in providing structural stability are collagen, fibrinogen, and keratin.

What is the role of enzymes in chemical reactions?

Enzymes increase the rate of reaction by lowering the energy of activation and catalyze nearly all the chemical reactions taking place in the cells of the body.

What is the function of an enzyme?

Enzymes act as biological catalysts, speeding up chemical reactions by lowering the energy of activation.

Describe the structure of globular proteins.

Globular proteins are usually spherical in structure, water-soluble, and are the most abundant type of proteins. They act as enzymes, messengers, transporters, and regulators.

What are some examples of proteins with low solubility in water?

Proteins with low solubility in water include collagen, fibrinogen, and keratin, which provide structural stability.

What are enzymes made of?

Enzymes are proteins made up of particular amino acid sequences.

What is required for a chemical reaction to occur?

For a reaction to occur, molecules must collide and collide with sufficient energy.

Test your knowledge of enzymes with this quiz! Learn about biological catalysts, protein catalysts for biological reactions, and the role of water-soluble globular proteins in speeding up chemical reactions.

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