Environmental Geology and Natural Hazards

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What is the main reason most food chains have five or less links?

Because 90 percent of the food chain's energy is lost at each level

What is the main component of the sulfur cycle?

Sulfur is a non-metal obtained as a byproduct after the production of natural gas

What is the term for the comprehensive set of cyclical pathways by which a given nutrient moves through the environment?

Biogeochemical Cycle

What is the relationship between the trophic levels in a food chain according to the 'ten percent law'?

Only 10% of the energy entering one trophic level forms biomass in the next trophic level

What is the term for the network of food chains representing the feeding relationships among organisms in an ecosystem?

Food Webs

What is the term for the total amount of organic matter present in a trophic level?


How do alterations in the carbon cycle impact the climate?

Result in rising global temperatures and shifts in precipitation

What is one of the consequences of human-induced alterations in the nitrogen cycle?

Nutrient runoff leading to water pollution

How do disruptions in the water cycle impact water availability?

Cause droughts or floods

How do alterations in geophysical cycles affect ecosystems?

Threaten biodiversity through habitat loss and fragmentation

What are some economic repercussions of changes in geophysical cycles?

Negative economic consequences

How do excess fertilizer use influence aquatic ecosystems?

Result in water pollution and eutrophication

What is the main importance of the water cycle?

Regulating weather patterns

In what way does the carbon cycle support life?

By facilitating the movement of carbon for plants and animals

How does the water cycle contribute to the availability of freshwater for humans?

By ensuring a continuous supply of freshwater

What role does the carbon cycle play in climate regulation?

Controlling the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

How does the water cycle contribute to the growth of crops and plants?

By facilitating the continuous movement of water on Earth's surface

Why is the carbon cycle considered the chemical backbone of life on Earth?

Because it provides energy-rich carbohydrates for living organisms

Explore the interplay between various subcycles and their influence on natural hazards such as landslides, earthquakes, volcanic activity, flooding, and more. Learn how human activities impact climate patterns and contribute to environmental changes.

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