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What is entrepreneurship primarily focused on?

Creating economic wealth

How is entrepreneurship related to creativity?

It is closely related to creativity

What does an entrepreneur need to establish for their venture?

A clear direction

Why is risk-taking considered inherent in entrepreneurship?

To face business risks instead of avoiding them

How does entrepreneurship contribute to an individual's standard of living?

By improving the standard of living

What role does an entrepreneur play in their self-owned enterprise?

Primarily as the owner and manager

Which of the following is NOT a key factor affecting entrepreneurship?

Technological factors

What does entrepreneurship aim to create for target buyers?

$1B in economic wealth

'Development of Managerial Capabilities' underlines what benefit for an entrepreneur?

'Improved managerial skills'

'Means of Economic Development' indicates that entrepreneurship benefits not only individuals but also which wider aspect?

'Whole society economic upliftment'

Study Notes

Motive in Opening a Business

  • Entrepreneurship is an art of correct practices, a wealth-creating venture that provides valuable goods and services.
  • It involves opening and managing a self-owned enterprise, taking risks, and making decisions to achieve goals.

Entrepreneurial Skills

  • Marketing Skills: introducing products to customers.
  • Sales Skills: converting prospects into paying customers.
  • Finance Skills: strategizing to create income over losses.
  • Planning Skills: setting goals and planning to achieve them.
  • Basic Management Skills: providing suitable and effective solutions.
  • Leadership Skills: leading people effectively.
  • Communication Skills: interacting with different people.

Salient Features of Entrepreneurship

  • It is an art of correct practices.
  • It is a wealth-creating venture.
  • It provides valuable goods and services.
  • It entails opening and managing a self-owned enterprise.
  • It is a risk-taking venture.

Rewards in Business

  • Opportunity to stretch and use capacity and creativity.
  • Opportunity to help others through social enterprise and job creation.
  • Building an entrepreneurial legacy.

Risks in Business

  • Possibility of failure and facing challenges.
  • Unpredictable state in the industry, requiring adaptability.

Relevance of Entrepreneurship to an Organization

  • Development of managerial capabilities.
  • Creation of organizations.
  • Improving standard of living.
  • Means of economic development.

Factors Affecting Entrepreneurship

  • Personality Factors.
  • Environmental Factors.

Test your knowledge on entrepreneurial skills and business planning with this quiz covering topics like motive in opening a business, perception of risk, marketing skills, and more. Explore your understanding of developing a vision, sources of funds, and reacting to changes in the business environment.

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