English Language Test: Fill in the Blanks

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What is one advantage of video games over television, as mentioned in the text?

They allow children to play away from the screen

What does the text suggest as an effective solution for keeping game technology in a shared family space?

Informal intervention

What may parents recoil from according to the text?

The costs involved in buying multiple characters

What does the compromise required from both children and parents refer to in the text?

Compromising on the location of playing video games

What do parents often underestimate according to the text?

Children's enthusiasm for video game controls

What is suggested as a good driver for conversation and agreement over appropriate gaming habits in a family?

Restricting access to particular games

This quiz is an English language test for students of class 4 at the Secondary School of SBA. It involves filling in the blanks with words from a provided list. The test assesses vocabulary and comprehension skills.

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