English Grammar Quiz on Verb Tenses and Usage

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Which verb should be used to correct the sentence fragment '58 a. Has been living in this house since 1970'?

Has been

What is the error in the sentence fragment '58 b. Have been'?

Subject-verb agreement

Which option would be the most appropriate replacement for 'Was' in '58 c. Was English XI-XII 5'?


What improvement is needed in the sentence fragment '58 d. Will be S'?

'Will be S' should be 'Will stay'

In the sentence fragment '58 a. Has been living in this house since 1970', which tense is being used?

Present perfect continuous

Test your knowledge of verb tenses and proper usage in English grammar. This quiz covers common errors and corrections, as well as identifying the correct verb forms. Practice and improve your understanding of verb tenses with this quiz.

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